“Over the last three years again I have found Pilates to be a great way to strengthen my body and improve my general wellbeing. I recently entered the Ord River Marathon, paddling 55 km in one day in a dragon boat. I gave Pat Young the impossible task of getting me ready for the marathon in eight weeks, I would take care of the cardio work by walking daily and his task was to strengthen my upper body, keeping in mind I had had a six month break from Pilates.

Well I completed the marathon with no noticeable sore spots. It was the most amazing experience not only to complete the marathon in one piece but to realise that my body is not broken and Pilates has helped me achieve to strengthen it. I would like to especially thank Pat for his masterful program and the girls on the desk for encouraging me, thank you to all.”  Jenny Johnston 



“I have been going to Pilates Bayside for over a year now and am extremely happy with the results. My posture has improved, I no longer have constant neck and back pain and my general strength and muscle tone have improved. I can now play 3 rounds of golf over 3 days, without all the aches and pains I used to experience!” Jim 



“Why I love Pilates Bayside…

I love Pilates Bayside as the studio is open very early in the morning and late in evening most of the week which makes it easy work Pilates around my life.

It’s flexible in that I can bring my baby son during the day so I can still work out whilst I have him with me.  I appreciate the variety the studio offers.  In the past four years I have been a member of Pilates Bayside, I’ve interchanged from doing a workout on my own, following my own programme or in a group.  When I’m on my own, there is always a Physio on hand to ask advice of. The Physio will also observe to correct positions if need be.

The group I am currently in have become my friends and we enjoy good conversations whilst we work out.

I highly recommend Pilates Bayside to anyone seeking the benefits of Pilates.” Julie Esmonde



“I was panting up the stairs, thus acutely made aware of how stressed my poor old ailing, racing heart is…this just had to be addressed because my health was such a mess.  So the doc suggested, ‘What about Pilates? It’s a gentle way to go, all supervised by Physios whose bods are ads for everything they are preaching.  There’s a course for all ages, workouts upped in careful stages, using fitness centred individualised teaching’.

So, I took myself off to Pilates Bayside, glanced around and decided that for me this seemed the best of all approaches.  The warm, professional staff support, encourage and make me laugh.  I couldn’t have a better set of coaches.

That was several months ago and now up those stairs I go and don’t (I mean this literally) miss a beat!  My glutes and abs are tighter, I am considerably lighter while my wobbly bits are definitely in retreat!  My mood is elevated.

The environment created is a positive, relaxing atmosphere.  So, if you are looking for some healing, boost your fitness and wellbeing, call Pilates Bayside – Get your core down there!!!” Joanne