Pilates Bayside is a leader in Clinical Pilates.  We tailor programs to individuals and offer independent and class sessions.

Clinical Pilates has been developed by Physiotherapists, specifically to compliment the early work of Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and the recent research by physiotherapists on the importance of core stability.

Here at Pilates Bayside, our philosophy is to provide a very personal and customised approach to pilates, delivering successful outcomes to each of our clients. Our Physiotherapists tailor a low impact exercise program specific to your individual needs. Clinical Pilates is instructed under very close supervision, often as part of a client’s rehabilitation from injury or chronic pain. Movements focus on muscle control and endurance rather than pure strength.


Are you a pregnant or a new mum?  Pilates Bayside offers antenatal  and post natal classes specifically tailored to expectant or new mums.  Staff closely monitor your condition and will tailor the exercise classes specifically for your individual needs. We have experienced women’s health physiotherapists to help manage any problems that may arise either pre or post pregnancy.
So, come on in and see what we can do for you.